Resin Flooring is flooring tough enough to withstand chemicals and machinery associated with industrial businesses. It’s useful for not only warehouses and manufacturing, but many different buildings, such as airports, hospitals, and laboratories.

Sport Court Flooring is engineered with special care to reduce risk of injury, absorb impact and maintain its durability of use.

Resin Flooring

  • ECOFLOOR EP20 (Fast Setting Epoxy Primer)
  • ECOFLOOR WB120 / WB 125 (Water-Based Epoxy Coating)
  • ECOFLOOR HG140 (High Gloss Epoxy Coating)
  • ECOFLOOR HB163 (High Build Epoxy Coating)
  • ECOFLOOR SF163 (Non-Toxic Pond Lining)
  • ECOFLOOR PU176 (Non-Skid Polyurethane Coating)
  • ECOFLOOR SL2000 (Self Leveling Epoxy Floor)
  • ECOFLOOR SF2100 (Self Smoothing Epoxy Coating)

Sport Court Flooring